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 Why Spanking?

Despite what many people believe, spanking is a major turn-on to many women. According to Kinsey, nearly one in five women found it highly erotic. Even more extraordinary to some people, some women have orgasms during a spanking or caning. This so shocked many Victorians that the public caning of women was banned. Read on HERE.

Spanking sells,  at the cinema
If you are an enthusiast for spankings on the silver screen, click HERE

More about Cinema Spankings: If you really want to burrow deeply into Cinema Spankings, the MOONGLOW CINEMA DATABASE is just what you need. With over 1,000 films listed and nearly 750 clips, this is just what you need. click HERE

CaneWorld - The History of the Cane.

Read all about the history of the cane since its introduction in Victorian times, illustrated by loads of caning clips. Male and female caning examined separately, together with the skill of caning, types of canes and reminiscences of people who have received it. Also included is its presence, admittedly rare, in Cinema and on TV. Essential for all enthusiasts! Click HERE


 The Moonglow magazine: Issue One and the only one!

A few years ago we tried out the idea of an online magazine. It never took off. Issue one was the only issue. But if you are curious to know what it looked like, click HERE.

Late Night Reading:

For those insomniacs in the community of spankers, this section provides a selection of stories for your enjoyment. Click HERE.


 Other Aspects of Spanking in the Real World.

Here we have eighteen sections on various aspects of spanking the nubile young lady. Click on each title below to view the section.


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