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'Club Corporal - Punishments and Promotions'

(Running time: Ninety minutes)

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Featuring (from left to right) Jennifer, Amy, Cassandra, Sam and Elizabeth

all ably assisted by Carl and Mr M!


This new production, shot in London and Glasgow, features ninety minutes of non stop action, with no less than twenty one discipline sessions!


The story opens with Head Girl Elizabeth training Jennifer, a new recruit. Carl, the new deputy Director, drops in to see how things are going, and decides to take matters, and Jennifer, into his own hands! Spanking, paddle and cane are used to good effect on Jennifer's reddening bottom, with a deliciously sensuous spanking for Elizabeth included for good measure!

Jennifer is next introduced to Mr M, who has business to discuss with Elizabeth and Cassandra. He briefly checks Jennifer's marks and dismisses, but she makes it clear that she was expecting to be spanked as well. Mr M obliges by showing her what a Club Corporal discipline spanking is like, and Jennifer's reactions show that the demonstration is being successfully delivered!


More discipline follows for Elizabeth and Cassandra, who have been misbehaving in the dormitory when they should have been on duty. The session that follows is classic CP, with both girls obviously well accustomed to the rituals of traditional punishment.

The action now shifts to Glasgow, where Mr M and Carl are visiting the folks at Northern Spanking. Club Corporal girl Sam is on a visit there as well, and, true to form, soon finds herself in trouble when she is caught misbehaving with little Amy, one of Northern Spanking's cheekiest and most spankable girls! Sam claims that Amy stole her make up, but Head Girl Lucy decides to send them both to Mr M for punishment.


Mr M invites Carl to help out with the discipline, which includes hand spanking, paddle and cane. True to tradition, it is the cane that finishes off the day, and after a warm up six each from Carl, Mr M soon has both bottoms bouncing!  

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