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Life often moves in a full circle. This letter (above) in the London Daily Telegraph in early 2006 illustrates this.  When circumstances permit, traditions quietly slip back in. This evidence that caning was brought back during World War II is hardly surprising. With little supervision and pressure to get on with the job, the cane was a natural method of maintaining discipline. The War also meant a dramatic surge of women involved in all aspects of the economy as more and more men went off to war. Sometimes there were some very difficult situations. many unruly girls from the inner cities were moved into the country to work as Land Girls.
   It would not be surprising is the cane was brought in to maintain order. But of course the motives were mixed. A girl bent over for the cane is in a very similar situation to a girl about to be taken in sexual intercourse, doggy-style; a clear erotic overtone. As we said above, some women - some 18% of women according to Kinsey - find corporal punishment erotic. This is not surprising. A woman writhing her hips during a spanking or caning is working all three erogenous zones between her legs; the clitoris, G-spot and cervix, which of course accounts for all those orgasms during caning that so shocked our Victorian forebearers. So in effect, we have come full circle, with the shapely female bottom again the target for a whippy cane.

Nothing is new:
"Physical Punishments shall be [limited to] slapping on her buttocks three times with the hand, a rope or a bamboo cane."      Kautilya, The Arthasastra. India - Third Century BC

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