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All About the Cane

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The cane is principally the product of the Victorian era. Before then, birches and other instruments were much more common. Social pressures encouraged the introduction of instruments that did less permanent damage. Canes maximised pain but, being light, the damage was mainly at skin level. In addition, they enabled the area of application of the punishment to move from back to buttocks. This development had an interesting side effect. Women sometimes had orgasms when caned, which shocked the Victorians. This caused pressure to phase out the corporal punishment for women and girls, and the cane became principally a punishment for young men and boys. But the Victorians also loved to invent traditions. Especially in Public [Private] Schools, the use of the cane by masters and prefects was soon portrayed as a long standing tradition. By the twentieth century, the fierceness of canings had eased substantially, and it was the prefered punishment by public school boys, being completed quickly and endowing substantial status on the receipient. It was not uncommon for boys to cut a notch in their leather belts for every 'cut' of the cane that their bottom had suffered.

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