La Fessée ou Les mémoires de
monsieur Léon maître-fesseur

84 minutes   X-rated    1976

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Stars: Antoine Fontaine, Ellen Earl, Catherine Ringer, Emmanuelle Parèze
Monsieur Léon (Antoine Fontaine) has two jobs: bank clerk during the day and spanker at night. First called to solve the sexual problems of his boss, he will not stop there. Aided by his milkmaid who will serve as his secretary, he soon acquires the title of master-spanker, for which he is paid genrously while touting the aphrodisiac virtues of his practices.

He has half a dozen adventures where he leaves the young ladies with glowing bottoms and smiles on their faces. We look here at two of the more credible scenarios.

First, the bank manager's wife (Emmanuelle Parèze) whom he spanks to orgasm before leaving them to have sex. Second is the frustrated daughter (Catherine Ringer) whom he spanks then services himself.

Emmanuelle Parèze appeared in several spanking orientated French films and, given her performance in La Fessée, seemd to thoroughly enjoy a spanking. M. Leon uses his now famous two way spanking technique to good affect, and it is probably the best spanking in the film.

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Catherine Ringer (born 18 October 1957 in Suresnes, France) is a French singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, dancer, choreographer, actress, and co-founder of the pop rock group Les Rita Mitsouko. A couple of her films have been X-rated, one being La Fessée. Here she plays a frigid young lady and her father calls in a "therapist" to help her. He turns out to be rather different in approach to what the father was expecting. After a thorough spanking, she is cured of her frigidity and proves this with a torrid session with the therapist, our M. Léon. The build-up is also rather erotic as the therpist chases her around the room when she realises what he is planning to do to her. Anyway, she finally takes her spanking beautifully and totally nude.

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