Spanking Lobby Cards

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Lobby cards are high quality pictures taken specifically for use in cinema lobby areas. Sometimes, they bear little resemblance to the scene that they represent; other times they can be quite accurate. In the case of spanking scenes, quite frequently they are shot just for publicity and there is no equivalant spanking in the film. See publicity section - click HERE.
Captain Lightfoot

USA 1954

Barbara Rush & Rock Hudson

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Crash Donovan

USA 1933

(Aka: When Strangers Marry)

Lilian Bond & Jack Holt

Crash Donovan

Dance of the Vampires    USA 1967

(Aka: The Fearless Vampire Killers)

Sharon Tate & Alfie Bass

Dance of the Vampires

Donovan's Reef

USA 1963

Elizabeth Allen & John Wayne

Donovan's Reef

The Gene Autry Show

USA 1950

Gene Autry

The Girl Who Couldn't Quite

UK 1950

Elizabeth Henson & Bill Owen

Girl_who_couldnt_quite_small.JPG (4484 bytes)

Look for the Silver Lining

USA 1949

June Haver & Gordon MacRae

Look for the Silver Lining

My Own True Love

USA 1948

Phyllis Calvert & Melvyn Douglas

My Own True Love

North West Mounted Police

USA 1940

Paulette Goddard & Lynne Overman

NW Mounted Police

On Moonglight Bay

USA 1951

Doris Day & Gordon MacRae

On moonlight bay

The Rebel Son

USA 1938

Joan Gardner & Henry Baur

Rebel Son 1938

Solicito Marido para Enganar

Mexico 1988

Solicito marido

The Stage Coach Kid

USA 1949

Jeff Donnell & Tim Holt

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Suddenly It's Spring

USA 1947

Paulette Goddard & Fred MacMurray

Suddenly spring

This is the Life

USA 1944

Peggy Ryan & Donald O'Connor

This IsThe Life

Too Young to Kiss

USA 1951

June Allyson & Van Johnson

Too young to kiss

Up the Academy

USA 1980

Up the Academy