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Posters are the most highly visible publicity for a film outside a cinema. Until the end of the 1970s, if there was a spanking in a film, it was almost certainly depicted on the poster. If you buy our spanking database, you will get a file that includes over sixty cinema posters with a spanking depicted on the poster.
Dear Brat      1951 Dear brat.jpg (43472 bytes)
Donovan's Reef   1963

Elizabeth Allen & John Wayne

Donovans reef.JPG (164330 bytes)

Fabulous SeƱorita  1952

Estelita Rodriguez & Robert Clark

Fabulous senorita.jpg (17670 bytes)
Fiebre de Primavera


Fiebre.JPG (25558 bytes)
Kiss Me Kate (English)   1953

Kathryn Grayson & Howard Keel

kissme engl.jpg (103606 bytes)
Kiss Me Kate (US TV)    1968

Carol Lawrence & Robert Goulet

KissMeKateE[1].jpg (61740 bytes)
Kiss Me Kate (Spanish)    1953

Kathryn Grayson & Howard Keel

kissme span.jpg (56452 bytes)
Doctor at Large (German)      1953

Barbara Murray and Dirk Bogarde

kate3ger.jpg (10926 bytes)

Pyjamas       1927 Pajamas 1927.jpg (280695 bytes)
Public Deb No 1    1940

Brenda Joyce & George Murphy

PubDebPoster.jpg (13020 bytes)

Saint against the Devil     1962 Santo.jpg (42282 bytes)
Sorority Girl      1957 Sorority girl.jpg (71929 bytes)
Thin Man goes Home   1944

Myrna Loy & William Powell

Thin Man Goes Home.JPG (71047 bytes)
Temptations of Marianne   1973

Patricia Novarini & Jean Roquel

TMarianne  LC.jpg (32025 bytes)
Too Young to Kiss    1951

June Allyson & Van Johnson

Too young to kiss.jpg (41102 bytes)

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