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The Moonglow Cinema Spanking

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Over 1,200 films listed

Have you noticed something strange? More and more film spanking clips are disappearing. Many sites have links to video sites, such as YouTube and DailyMotion, but when you get there the clip has disappeared. There is speculation as to why this is. Some say that film companies are more sensitive to copyright nowadays; others reckon it is something to do with political correctness. Either way, it is increasingly difficult to find them. Thus we are supplying our database on memory stick, where no one can get at them but you. The memory stick can then be plugged into a computer or mobile phone for you to enjoy them.

So what does our listing include?  As of January 2021, the stats are as follows: (Subject to constant updates.)

Video clips of film spankings applied to a shapely rear end                        742   
Films spankings where we have a still only                                                 93   
Films where the spanking was aborted at the last minute (Girl in position)  22
Films where a publicity still was produced (but no spanking in the film)       70   
Films where we have a report of a spanking but cannot confirm                  32
Films with erotic whipping scenes not too over the top                               132
Films listed in other databases but not good enough for
Moonglow Database but included in the speadsheet. ****                          125

Total                                                                                                         1,216

****  "One smack" Scenes are mostly excluded from the Moonglow Database
                              but included in the spreadsheet.

        "Talk only" and Cartoon Scenes have been completely excluded.
This database includes nearly 50 years of collecting often generously aided by Murray Roberts. However, the early collection was largely assembled on VHS tape. This deteriorated badly over time and much was unuseable. Thus many of the clips have had to be found again. The result has been that a few great scenes are now missing. One example is the soft core 1960s film, "Take me, Tempt me" starring the exquisite Monica Gayle. It was one of the best on-screen spankings ever but the film seems to have completely disappeared. It is not even listed on IMDB.


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