Some thoughts on Spanking in the Cinema (especially the unusual)
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Six of the Brazilian Best

Spanking is big in Brazil and hardly a soap opera exists that does not have one spanking in it. Here are six clips that present the best of Brazilian spanking. In Sete Pecados a girl is spanked by her boyfriend in front of the shocked spectators at a disco. Then in Vivir a Vida a mother belt spanks her daughter over a video that is on the girl's computer. Yet another naughty daughter then learns that going off to a hotel with her boyfriend is not acceptable to daddy especially when she adopts a tone of indifference as the girl in Chocolate com Pimenta discovers. The white pantied little charmer in Lazos de Familia discovers that crossing her stepfather is a no-no, as does the lovely daughter in Acuarela de Amor. Finally, and from the same soap opera, an older woman tries to get access to her mother's property and is soundly spanked by a much younger man for her sauce, much to the mother's delight. All in all, Six of the Brazilian Best!
Six of the Mexican Best

Six great spanking clips from five fine Mexican films! El Charo y la Dama has two with the first one coming about when the couple arrive at a deserted stables looking for a place to rest for the night. Rosita goes to look around and it all looks horrible to her, but Pedro tells her not to worry as they can bunk up together in the stable. He then gives her his saddle and tells her to take great care of it as it is his very best, so she throws it on the ground... After the six smack spanking Rosita rubs her rear end and tells Pedro that he must be more of a gentleman with the ladies, and he retorts that he is indeed a gentleman with the ladies... The second spanking comes right at the end of the film. Rosita touches her scarf which Pedro has around his neck and asks him if he is wearing it so that people will know that he is a ladies' man? Pedro replies that there was never any doubt of that, and Rosita retorts that actually there was until she took a hand. As the film ends Pedro upends her to administer yet another correction, this time for her smart mouth rather than her foolish deeds. Next up is No Basta Ser Charro where Jorge Negrete tells Lilia Michel that if he were only her father, brother or boyfriend he would smack her. Alas he can't quite get the word "bottom" out so the girl taunts him to imagine that he was her boyfriend and then explain where he would hit her. He does better than that and gives her a practical demonstration! Later he explains that a spanking is better for a woman that hours of argument and hostility in the house. He goes on to explain that when he marries it will be forever and his wife can expect, and here he uses the Latin gesture of waving the hand from side to side to indicate a spanking. Becoming angry he tells her that she is an ill-mannered "esquincla" (girl, but of the street) and she deserves a lot more smacks. Taking over the situation, Lilia turns her back on Jorge and invites him to administer the extra dosage. Jorge tells her that he is not her father, brother or boyfriend, and at that moment she throws herself into his arms. They don't make 'em like that any more! No Soy Monedita de Oro has a girl spanked for her foolishness with a pistol, and in Santo Contra el Cerebro Diabolico The hero is forced to rescue the girl from the villains, whereupon she asks him the obvious and faintly idiotic question: "Are you angry with me?" When she doesn't get a reply, she asks him to forgive her and still getting no reply she then stamps her foot and utters the immortal line: "Smack me if you want!" So he does! Finally, in Tres Balas Perdidas,three girls taunt three men in song and the fellows respond in kind. My clip starts with the girls' reply which involves telling the men that they would rather remain spinsters than marry the three fellows. Quite rightly the chaps decide that this insolence cannot go unpunished so the three girls are upended to have their backsides tanned.

Six of the Modern Best

If anyone thought that spanking as a way to keep the female of the species under control had died out then just consider these six clips from mainstream TV around the world. We start off with Sąsiedzi, a Polish series in which a young wife is taught behave in the old fashioned way by her husband. Fish Tank from the UK has a saucy girl put across the knee of her mother's boyfriend. From Venezuela we have Gata Salvaje, with a former wife being told that she cannot have everything she wants. She becomes unreasonable and has to be brought to heel. This clip is made interesting by the man's words to his mother and sister after the spanking. He tells them that he did not hit the ex-wife, he just gave her a good spanking! Hottie em Paradies from Germany has a whore publicly spanked by her pimp, and Weeds form the USA has a naughty female spanked in the back of a car. Finally, in Las Vivants et les Morts from France, a young wife is given a bare bottomed, over the knee spanking, from her husband.


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