Spanking Sells, at the Cinema

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Below is a selection of films whose success was in large part due to the hyping of the spanking scene in them.

The Iron Maiden In early 1963, Anne Helm arrived in England for a promotional tour for The Iron maiden. There was only one question on the lips of the journalists who met her at the airport. "Did it hurt?" Rumours abounded that Michael Craig had spanked her so hard in the film that she was going to walk off the set. Of course it was all just a publicity stunt, but it worked. The spanking sold the film. (Click for stills) Within a year, British TV joined in the fun with the Saint, in the form of Roger Moore, giving Erica Rogers a sound spanking in The Golden Journey. (Click for stills)
McLintock Hollywood struck back later in 1963 with McLintock, with probably the most famous spanking scene ever, but just to to be one up on the Brits it includes two spanking scenes. First, Patrick Wayne, son of John, spanks Stephanie Powers. Second John Wayne, father of Patrick, spanks Maureen O'Hara in the climax of the film. The latter is probably the most hyped spanking in the history of the cinema, even to this day. (Click for stills)
Kiss Me Kate  This was not the first time that this trick had been used. Back in 1953, the spanking of Kathryn Grayson by Howard Keel in Kiss Me Kate put the film on the best seller list. It has done so ever since, on screen and in the theatre. (Click for stills)  Also to go to the main KMK article, click HERE.
Turks Fruit (Turkish Delight) In 1973, our continental friends joined in on the act. Turks Fruit (Turkish Delight), from the Netherlands, was marketed heavily on the back of the nude spanking of Monique Van der Ven by Rutger Hauer. In some cinemas, there was even  a large poster above the entrance showing the spanking. (Click for stills)
Frank and I  A decade later in 1983, Frank & I controversially hit the screens. In this Victorian story, Jennifer Inch, pretending to be a boy called 'Frank', receives several canings. (Click for stills)  Gérard Kikoïne has some type of spanking in virtually all his films (An enthusiast?). But why spoil a potentially good caning scene with the dreadful lighting?
Dottie Gets Spanked By 1993, the rather superficial Dottie Gets Spanked was playing to bemused audiences. A short forty minute film regarding a boy who fantasises about his favourite TV actress and spanking. He eventually wins a day out on the set of the Dottie show, and, much to his fascination, Dottie gets spanked. Julie Halston, who played Dottie, deserved a proper spanking, but this one is just too coy - no rear views! (Click for stills)
Secretary In 2003, exactly fifty years after Kiss Me Kate came out, Secretary was sold on the same basis. Maggie Gyllenhaal toured the TV chat shows discussing her spankings in the film, putting it on the map. (Click for stills) In addition, the film was used to promote the song Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue by Fujiya and Miyagi. (Click here to listen to it.)

One might ask what it is about years ending in three that produces films with spanking in them?
Staged or Pretend spankings Anyway the message is clear; spanking sells. The number of lobby cards which included staged or pretend spanking stills, right up to the sixties, was quite extraordinary. They shamelessly took these pictures, often of top actresses, and spread them across the cinema foyers, just to attract attention. The majority came from Hollywood; the Europeans expected the real thing. (Click for stills)
Lobby Cards & Posters Nevertheless, spanking was rife in the cinema, and, if there was a genuine spanking in the film, the posters and lobby cards never failed to show it. Lobby cards were the more common way of announcing a spanking in a film. (Click for stills)   Posters of course represent to the most blatant way of advertising a spanking in a film, and many of them showed great ingenuity to maximise their message. Some discretely included it in a corner for the benefit of the cognoscenti, but these tended to be the minority.  (Click for stills)

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