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C08 - Teacher's Folly
C17 - Members' Compilation

Karen (Jenny Close)  

C04 - The Sports mistress
C05 - Term Ends
C09 - Well Thrashed
C12 - Art of Spanking 
C14 - Wayward Wives
C15 - LQQK Back in Spanking
C41 - Best of the Cane
W11 - Naughty Nurses 
W15 -
W18 - Uncle Terry's Naughty Nieces


C07 - New Girls
C11 - Take Three Girls

Leia-Ann Woods  
  E27 - Spanked Secretaries 1
E43 - My Way or the Highway
Y01 - The Beating of Erica Delamare

C05 - Sarah Remembers
C21 - The Caning of the
           Spanish Master's Wife
C26 - Lady Penelope's Folly
W20 - C P Therapy II



C15 - LQQK Back in Spanking 
C25 - Army Stripes,  
E02  - Birchington Manor
W21 - Naughty Nurses II



W21 - Naughty Nurses II
C26 - Lady Penelope's Folly


N07 - The Secretary 2
N07 - Getting Ready
C41 - Best of the Cane


Lucy Bailey (Dawn Davies)  

C05 - Term Ends (Impertinence)
C13 - Spanking Dreams (The Birch)
C41 - Best of the Cane

E06 - Washday Blues
E24 - Temperature Rising
E25 - Temperature Rising Higher
W06 - Retribution
W07 - Flatmates' Discipline
W08 - Two for the crop,  
W12 - Marriage Guidance

Lynn (Susan Hope)  

C11 - Doctor in Command
C14 - Wayward Wives
W10 - Christmas Thrashings 

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