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All About Spanking:
Free information for the enthusiast of the chastised female bottom. This section covers a wide range of real life spanking situations, and discusses why the interest in spanking the bottom of a nubile female is so strong.
Recent Updates: The latest sections added to this site are about:

 1. Spanking Machines.
 2. Sarah Veitch and the Female Spanking Authors
 3. Spanking in the Theatre (stage plays)
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Late Night Reading:        Spanking Stories

The History and Application of the Cane. See CaneWorld.
Spanking Art:                   Visit PoseCPArt

The Moonglow Girls:       About the Moonglow girls 
Why Spanking?
Why Spanking, A short look at real life spanking 
Do Women Like to be Spanked? (clip)
The History of Spanking, a 2,500 year old pastime
Sex Tips for Girls (clip)
Moonglow Spanking Club:
(UK Members' Club for spanking parties.)