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MOONGLOW NEWS Click here to appreciate We have extensively updated our girls' listing. This lists almost all the young ladies that have starred in Moonglow films over the last twenty years, nearly ninety of them. Check out your favourites!
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The latest Moonglow Publishing book is now out. Called Canings and Consequences, it is a semi-biographical book from the director of Moonglow about two young women who like to be caned, for very different reasons.
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  FREE INFORMATION FOR THE ENTHUSIAST OF THE CHASTISED FEMALE BOTTOM All About Spanking  This section covers a wide range of real life spanking situations, and discusses why the interest in spanking the bottom of a nubile female is so strong.
  BLOGS Memories of a Strict Uncle
the proud thoughts of Nick Urzdown
The memories of a spanking good
life, plus links to exclusive videos
and spanking interviews. 
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  Why Spanking Why Spanking A short look at real life spanking
    Do Women Like to be Spanked? Irresistible Clip (.flv format)
    The History of Spanking A 2,500 year old pastime
    Sex Tips for Girls (Spanking) Another clip (.wmv)
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