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This magazine is aimed the dominant gentleman who is delighted to spank or cane the nubile female bottom and their compatible companions. Spanking magazines have been popular since the late 1970s, but with the advent of the internet their demand has declined sharply. However it has seemed to us that there is an opening for a digital version of the formerly popular magazines where new technology is exploited to the full but under the reader's complete control. Feedback will be appreciated, especially with ideas for further issues. Most of the text from the magazine is reproduced below; the DVD gives you the pictures and clips. Enjoy!


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A new type of spanking magazine for a new century!
Welcome to the first issue of the Moonglow Magazine.

As the magazine's editor what I aim to do is combine the best of the old print magazines with today's cutting edge technology. Obviously you will read Moonglow on your computer screen, but you can also print up 
sections to read again at your leisure, enjoy the hours of video that each edition will have, as well as peruse the many features that our magazine has. For instance in this edition we report on the famous Derren Nesbitt / Ann Aubrey spanking case of 1973. You can read my analysis of the event as well as open up just about every contemporary news report that we have managed to track down: and believe me there were rather a lot!

If this new venture is to succeed then it needs to take one thing from the old print days. It needs the involvement of its readers, so write to us and let us know what you want to see in your spanking magazine.
Bottoms Up!

Nick Urzdown, editor

Contact me on

PS: So you think it is only men who like to spank women? No way! There are plenty of girls who love to have their bottoms spanked. Watch this clip.  Click here

Chapter 1 Stripes with Stripes
Girls in uniform are punished.
The Beating of Claudette     Running time: 3 minutes.

Claudette is impish, cheeky, rather lazy and takes life as it comes. Not what the principal of her Swiss finishing school likes at all. At the end of her first term, she called to the punishment room, where she is going to learn a novel lesson. He gives her ten strokes over her panties but these do not seem to communicate with her. He tells her to remove the garment, then repeats the punishment on her bare bottom. This time it seems to have more effect.

Dr Harding Beats Valerie and Maria     Running time: 7 minutes

The girls have been expelled from their finishing school in England. Instead they have been sent to another school in Switzerland, which has a reputation of being even stricter than the one in England. Their reputation has preceded them, and on arrival they are called by Dr Harding, the new principal, into the detention room. He tells them that no indiscipline will be tolerated and he is going to give them an immediate caning to make sure that they get no ideas about the discipline in Switzerland. To their horror, both girls are given an immediate six of the best.

Dr Harding Beats Valerie Again     Running time: 4 minutes

The girls are in trouble again. They have sneaked down to the dance hall in town, to check out the local young men. But inevitably they are spotted. First, Valerie is called in by Dr Harding. He does not hesitate to use the cane when girls break his rules, and this time he gives Valerie a really thorough beating; a veritable caning!

Dr Harding Beats Maria Again     Running time: 6 minutes

Now it is Maria's turn to be called in. She has no better excuse for Dr Harding and her fate is the same as Valerie's; a veritable caning! At the end, tears in her eyes, she is sent out to find Valerie. Finally the two girls are made to bend over desks, their bare bottom's displaying their stripes, and wait for half an hour to contemplate their unforgivable behaviour.

Smythe Takes a Beating     Running time: 9 minutes

Cynthia Smythe is called into the principal's office. Caught cheating, Cynthia is in serious trouble. The principal is in no mood to countenance such behaviour and administers a double sixer to the wretched girl. By the time the twelfth stroke has landed, her bottom is covered in stripes.

Chapter 2 Spanking in Cartoons
For a very long time, spanking has been used in comedy.

Spanking has been the source of humour in cartoons and comics for a long time. Here is a selection that we think are both representative and interesting. (Click on a thumbnail to see the full size picture).



Chapter 3 Spanking in Westerns
where men are men and women get spanked.

Some great cinema spanking clips included:

(1)     Across the Wide Missouri
(2)     The Cisco Kid
(3)     Django
(4)     Frontier Gal

(5)     The Guns of Fort Petticoat
(6)     Man of the Forest
(7)     McLintock
(8)     North West Mounted Police
(9)     Rawhide
(10)   The Stagecoach Kid
(11)   True Grit
(12)   West of Pecos

Chapter 4 Classic Spanking
Revisiting the dawn of the spanking era.
Often when we think back to a classic spanking video of the early 1980s we are disappointed when we get the chance to watch it again. Our memory plays tricks on us and what seemed in our mind's eye as something worth savouring, becomes rather drab and lifeless on a second viewing. The same cannot be said of Sally's First Lesson, a video that is now over 25 years old, and which is still sparkling and full of life today.

As with all the old videos there are aspects to be criticised. The girl in the ridiculous blonde wig springs immediately to mind as does the rather poor quality of the sound. Most videos of the day had bad sound recording but quite why anyone thought that such a silly wig would add anything to the video is anyone's guess.  

However, this is Sally's video and nobody can argue that the unnamed young actress who played her was perfectly chosen for the role. Put simply she looks like a schoolgirl and the decision to make her cross a busy main road in her delightful uniform was a directorial masterstroke. The actress could pass for a schoolgirl and nobody on that street seems to have paid her any attention.

Secondly, the spankings that Sally receives are authentic and her reactions are those of any normal girl undergoing correction. This is not an experienced actress from the CP scene, and for that reason she behaves like any other girl would when across a man's knee. Watching her struggle to break free and then have to be hauled back into position the viewer will be reminded of any number of wives, girlfriend and daughters who have done similar things. It brings a smile to the lips, that little touch of authenticity.

Finally, the caning is what you would expect a naughty girl to have received in about 1980. Perhaps a few more strokes than the usual, but not too many more and none of them laid on too hard. A good, sound, school-type caning of the sort that many of the older viewers will recall from their own days.  So here it is - please sit back and enjoy once again that classic spanking video: Sally's First Lesson.
Chapter 5 Memories
From times when young ladies really risked a sore bottom.
Spanking in the 1970s was difficult in one respect because by the middle of the decade the fashionable girls wore full length evening dresses for their disco inferno nights, which made their correction that much harder. Trying to lift up a long skirt when the owner is frantically kicking to save her backside from a blistering is not easy and I for one was glad when the styles changed towards the end of the decade and shorter skirts came back into fashion.
I remember taking Sarah, ...................
Chapter 6 Spanking Blogs
The female blogger about spanking has just been born.
Raven Red is the blog name of a white South African woman who is trying to come to terms with both her desires and her alienation from today's South Africa. To succeed a blog needs to have something unique about it and Raven's South African perspective certainly creates that sense of uniqueness about her blog. Let's be honest - what do most people really know about South Africa in general let alone the country's spanking attitudes? Thanks to Raven Red we now know quite a bit, and will probably learn a lot more as the blog develops.
   Secondly Raven Red brings a refreshing candour to her writing. She may change some small details to protect the guilty, as it were, but these are the real memories of a real woman. That honesty shines through her blog and helps to make it one of today's must read websites.
   A similarly honest spanking blog written from a woman's perspective is The Pink Report. Less introspective than Raven Red, and more overtly sexual, the authoress fills her blog with thoughts of her spankings, or what she has done to deserve them and what she will do in the future to deserve some more. Each post is delightfully broken up with photos, and all in all the Pink Report is both a delight to read as well as an aesthetic joy to behold.
   Finally, let's consider what is probably the most important female spanking blog around, that of Bonnie, who writes at My Bottom Smarts. The reason why this blog is so incredibly important is because it acts as the spanking world's mother-blog. Get a link from Bonnie and your new blog is made - mine went from about a dozen hits a day in its first couple of weeks to almost a thousand in the days after Bonnie linked to it. If you want to know what is happening in the world of the spanking blogs then My Bottom Smarts is the place to start.
   So there we have it, folks. Three blogs run by three women, with each one bringing a different perspective to the spanking scene. That is the beautiful thing about the world of blogs - how the personal accounts of an individual sometimes strikes a chord in the minds of thousands of people. Visit these blogs and see what you think.
Chapter 7 Joanne
Scene girl from 1994 to 2002.

Joanne's first video was Minnie the Jinx (Moonglow West 1994), the story of a maid at a posh country club, a role that suited her down to the ground. Her impish personality stole the video and her pluck made sure that it was a strong realistic tape. As soon as it was issued, her reputation on the scene spread rapidly.  View the spanking clip.

Minnie the Jinx is full of atmosphere, which is no small part is due to the interaction between the two ladies. So just enjoy Joanne's pert bottom take a sound caningView the caning clip.

About a year later, Joanne was invited to take part in a Kane party, organised by the famous George Harrison Marks. Effervescent as usual, the audience warmed to her as she took part in a slick scene that had them cheering by the end. Goading on the spanker, it became one of the best scenes of the afternoon. Listen to her heart felt comment half way through; "It's nice when you get into it!"  View the first scene.

But that wasn't enough for Joanne. She thought it was all rather timid, if highly exciting. She challenged George to give her a scene with a real man. Now that was throwing down the gauntlet. So after the break, he called her bluff. This video clip is of her impromptu scene, which just simply stole the show. View the second scene.  View the second scene.

In the Headmaster's Study 2 (SfP - Spanking for Pleasure), we first meet Joanne having an enthusiastic pillow fight with her friend in the headmaster's bedroom. The head prefect (played by Allison in a walk on role) discovers them, promptly reporting them. They are summoned to see the head master forthwith! So it is that we see Joanne spanked for starters before we get down to some serious action. In fact, it is one of the most thorough schoolgirl spankings seen on video. Suddenly the headmaster takes off her slipper and starts to whack her bottom with that. Perhaps his hand was giving up?  View the spanking scene.

SfP went to some trouble to set up the Victorian headmaster's study ambience in the second part of this video. However, for some reason, they suddenly introduce a scene with a red riding crop. Well, one way of adding variety, but hardly very headmasterly! Oh, well, it makes Joanne's bottom nice and red.    View the cropping scene

Now he gets down to the serious stuff; the cane. Stripped of her body stocking (but left in an ungainly position), we see her trim body dancing around over the desk as the cane stripes her shapely, highly caneable bottom. A very effective scene!  View the caning scene.

Joanne has a habit of disappearing and reappearing. After a break, she reappeared in another Moonglow video in 1996; Take Three Girls. Again cast as a sixth former in trouble, we see her making regular visits to the housemaster's study for a sounding caning as each of her pranks comes to light.

In this film, Joanne is spanked by her housemaster. Not the greatest spanking scene, it is however interesting for Joanne's reactions to each spank. Here, clearly is a girl savouring each spank.  View the spanking scene.

In this section, we see the two further canings that her shapely bottom receives. Joanne suits the school girl role to a tee. We see her caned when she is caught climbing back in after a night at the disco, and later when she gets twelve of the best at the headmaster's specific orders for smoking something unmentionable.  View the first beating.   Two more beatings.

The trouble with a personality like Joanne's is that there is an irresistible desire to experiment. When asked to make a S&M/sex video, she foolishly agreed. It never came to anything, but it does show how she rises to every occasion. We show here a few short extracts from the video, which as far as we can ascertain has never been published. It is a lesson of what should be avoided!  View hardcore action.

Finally it is 2001, and Joanne is back on the scene. Some practice is now required. When this clip was recorded, the camera was linked to a TV and we can see Joanne watching herself being spanked. She was fascinated by it, with some very interesting reactions (and notice the cane marks from a spanking party the previous day.)   Start of one to one.  Really turned on.

So we come to the end of our study of Joanne. Her various sorties in to the spanking scene are always such great fun. Few girls love spanking and everything that goes with it as much. We have looked at several aspects of her work in the scene; parties, videos and one to ones. Whatever she does, she is totally committed. Cheers to Joanne!

Chapter 8 Scandal
How newspapers treat real life spanking cases.
Probably one of the more famous real life spankings occurred in late 1972 when the actor Derren Nesbitt (37) used an 18-inch leather thong on the bare bottom of his wife Anne Aubrey (35) who was having an affair with a neighbour. The original press reports of the ensuing trial are on this page.
   The only aspects of this case that are still unclear is Anne's position when undergoing her correction, and whether her knickers were down, or had been removed completely. According to the prosecution Derren "threw her face down on a sofa. Then he lifted her dress and took off her pants." However, the defence claimed that he "put his wife across his knee and spanked her with the strap," having first, in Derren's words, "pulled her pants down."
   Whether it was face down on the sofa having been stripped of her panties completely, or across her husband's knee with the scanties hanging shamefully around her knees, what is not disputed is that she was then given "a good spanking," which made it "impossible for her to sit down."
   Given the argument that had raged between them, it strikes me as unlikely that Derren would have had the wit to go and hunt for a leather strap to use on his wife's bottom. More likely the implement was to hand in the house which suggests that he had had cause to correct his wife's behaviour on other occasions. Sadly on this one it didn't work as Anne had found a new man and that is why all Derren's exertions came to nothing and why the matter ended up in court.
   Still, £250 was not an enormous fine even in January 1973, and one hopes that the magistrate's order to destroy the thong was ignored by a sympathetic policeman who returned Derren's strap to him quietly one night.
Chapter 9 Blushes
The very first issue.  Edited by Alan Bell.   Early 1980s.