Spanking Situations

Of the whole Moonglow website, this is the most dated section. In the late 1990s, when we started, photostories were the fashion. Computer storage was still expensive, which meant that online clips were rare. Twenty fives years later, storage is cheap and video clips are everywhere. We have retained this section as a curiosity, as much as anything else. Hence, entries in this section do not have video clips to illustrate the stories but you might find them interesting anyway. (Click on story to read)

Photo Story Index                                       

1. My Visit to the School Nurse by Laura Parker-Smythe.

2. Fully Fledged by Ms Amanda Evans.

3. Charlotte's Fantasy.

4. Flatmates' Games.

5. The Wicked Step Mother finds that she can be spanked as well.

6. Rebecca crosses Amanda Evans during a PE lesson.

7. Jilly is rude to the Head of House and her bottom suffers as a result.

8. Waiting to be Spanked.

9. The Lazy Wife and the Missing Cheque.

10. Janie is accused of theft by her husband (Gallery)

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