Domestic Situations


Never underestimate the use of corporal punishment in the home. It has many applications, both punitary and erotic. Here are a number examples plus a contribution by a killjoy.

Aupair01.JPG (83439 bytes)

The Irresponsible Au-Pair

Maid01.JPG (86577 bytes)

The Husband deals with the Maid

Maid02.JPG (122001 bytes)

The Wife deals with the Maid

Wife03.JPG (61687 bytes)

The Wife flirts too much

Wife01.JPG (59122 bytes)

Same again, fifties style

Wife02.JPG (124406 bytes)

Same again, seventies style

Wife04.JPG (141089 bytes)

and finally there is that step-Daughter

Newspaper.jpg (127093 bytes)

But then, some people never understand

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