Dressed for Spanking  


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 Of on-going debate is how a young lady should be attired for her spanking or caning. Many men love to see a girl caned in jeans while many others think it is desecration to cane a shapely female bottom on anything but the bare. In this section, we thought that we would look at some suitable outfits.
spankskirt.jpg (18773 bytes)
This delightful picture came from an internet catalgue and is, almost self-evidently, called a spanking skirt. Many a woman would agree that this is the most erotic way to be spanked; total submission to the spanker.
a.jpg (14728 bytes)
Jeans have been around for a long time, showing off the shape of the female bottom to best effect. There are of course many variations on this theme. The fifties are considered to have been highly sexist. The picture below shows why. The bottom is emphasied, the legs shown to best effect, every man's dream; and highly spankable.
fifties.jpg (36529 bytes)
but this one is just a natural!