Spanking, Caning, Paddling Machines and Related Fantasies


For some reason, the spanking machine holds a fascination for many people,
especially the cartoonist - see above. Why is a mystery as, to most spankers,
it is the satisfaction of hand, paddle or hand landing that is the pleasure. The
end result of that personal interaction being the desired result.

Any way some people want to make a living out of them, so we present one
of them here, The Robospanker - Click here for more information!


 Out of interest we also had a look on EBay. Even there a quick search offered
at least two spanking machines readily available, for some pretty extortionate
prices. Oh, well, I suppose home-made is often best!

Trawling the world of spanking film clips to find some in action did not prove that
easy. The first we came across was a paddling machine. To put it bluntly, it was
very disappointing. It was a paddling machine, where the paddle could be replaced
by a hairbrush. But for the sake of posterity, we include it here (click right to view.)

Further research produced a spanking film company that was producing clips of a
whipping machine, that we actually rather liked. It uses a short fairly accurate whip
which produces exquisite marks across the young lady's bottom. We turned up four
clips of the machine in action and could not resist including them all here.

Clip 1       Clip 2       Clip 3       Clip 4

Finally, in 1921, a certain gentleman by the name of Reginald Marshall actually took the
concept of a caning machine seriously. He invented what he called the "Six-o-the-Best"
machine, intended for use by fathers on holiday. They could bring their errant sons to a
booth for a good thrashing. However, they soon became a sea-side entertainment,
being renamed the "Tuppenny Sixer." They became frequent amusement booths at
sea-side locations. The last one was removed in 1962. For the full story click here.

Finally, if you want even more information on spanking machines, there is an extensive
story on them at the CorPun website. Click here to view it.

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