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If any one does not believe that spanking sells, they should study these covers. They have been visible on thousands of racks and stalls throughout the world, and no one can hide the motive.
Le Petit Journal Illustre
Gatekeeper spanking a young woman for her imprudence, after stopping her from being crushed by a train, frontpage of the French newspaper, Le Petit Journal Illustre, 1928


Des Moines Register - Sunday magazine
4th Jan 1938

Early edition of SENSATION 1950s

SNAPPY July 1956

A Favourite 1950s Theme from Jest
September 1956

RED STAR  April 1969

National Lampoon - 1970s student magazine
September 1975

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PANORAMA  February 1979
Review edition of the film La Sculacciata (The Spanking)


even in 2002 it is still selling magazines


TOMORROW April 2002

And a final oddity, a magazine promoting
the work of Jose G Cruz

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