Spanking Machines  


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For the Robospanker (in reality, a paddling machine). Click HERE
Some other spanking machines advertised on the internet.
(Click below for clips)

Below is a still from yet another spanking machine being promoted on the internet.
Sixer's Punishing Schedule to End (real or spoof?).  Click HERE

This spanking machine has been used by a video producer to make a series of clips of a spanking machine in action. To our surprise, a number of Moonglow spanking models have been filmed on the receiving end of this machine. Click on the models' names below to see them.
Scottish Amy  Danielle  Regina  Katie  Unknown Pretty Girl
A Word of Warning
There are two problems with spanking machines. They can hit very hard and they can accurately repeat strokes in exactly the same place. Over twenty years ago, SFP invited a delightful young Italian lady called Luna to film a video called the Spanking Machine. Now some ladies on the scene become incredibly tough; others do not. Luna never really toughened up, but, with her delightful personality and Italian lilt, was an asset to the scene for both parties and videos. But she was totally unsuitable for the video in question. The machine was vicious and she could not take what it doled out. She stormed off the set after the first stroke and soon after disappeared off the scene. Do be careful with these machines!
Gif from the Clips4sale site
Der die Tollkirsche ausgrabt (Germany 2006)
(meaning something like Digging out the deadly nightshade)
Now for something completely different; a modern German film with a spanking machine. In summary, Emilia Sparagna is bent over on some type of spanking machine powered by an old foot driven sewing machine!

This 2006 movie is the first work as a director by the German actress Franka Potente.  By any standards, it's a weird film. It's made in the style of a silent movie with no speech, exaggerated makeup and costumes and all that you would expect of such a movie. There's a lot of magic involved and somehow a punk-ish boy is timewarped into this setting (he's the only one who is able to speak properly).

The spankee's father has constructed a spanking machine in his cellar and, at the end of the film, the punk makes good use of it. Spanker and spankee are in love with each other so, although the spanking itself is deliberately fake, it is an erotic scene. Click HERE to view the clip.