Spanking in the Theatre

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Even the theatre has seen the potential of spanking. Year after Year, Kiss Me Kate is staged. The spanking scene almost always rates highly in the publicity. But there have been a few other plays that have used a spanking scene to the same end.

Kiss Me Kate  1953

Howard Keel spanks Kathryn Grayson

We have already seen how KMK exploits the spanking scene to the full. But it is not unique.

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We have still to determine the origin of this entry. It seems to come from a 1950s theatre production. Any one know it? (Click for full size.)


Der Wildschutz or the Force of Nature

New York  2002

Nicole Warner spanks Jung-A Lee

Click right to see the web page for this production. Virtually nothing else in it counts except the spanking.



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Sometimes gratuitous scenes are introduced and played for laughs. Exactly what is behind this unknown scene is difficult to fathom out.

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London  1978

T P McKenna as Teddy spanks Billie Whitelaw as Molly twice in the Course of this Simon Gray play. The spanking theme played well to the newspaper critics. Click right for more details.

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London 2002

Lisa Saffer receives a symbolic spanking in the opera Lulu by Alban Berg.

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