Why Spanking?

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According to Kinsey's research, 18% of ladies find the idea of being spanked erotic and actually have enjoyed being spanked. Who knows how many more would like to be but have missed out?

Perhaps our starting point is defining our boundaries. In Moonglow, our parameters are the application of the hand, paddle, cane or other mutually agreed instrument to the female posterior. Striking anywhere else, using such force that skin is broken or restraint is outside our limits.

One interesting aspect of this scene is the difference between the two sides of the bedroom door. Many ladies who enjoy being spanked are in high pressure, authoritative jobs. Be spanking is to them a marvellous escape; (Of course it works the other way round as well!) a conceding of control to someone else for a short period of time!

Of course to deny that spanking has strong sexual overtones is absurd. Nevertheless sex cannot be part of the clubs activities. The club contributes to that fantasy world that members take home with them, be they men or women. Hopefully, however, their level of expertise will also have increased so that when it is used in private it will contribute that much more to everyone's mutual pleasure.

Any experienced spanker will vouch for the fact that spanking generates powerful erotic responses. It is undeniable that many women, frigid in straight sex, will orgasm rapidly following a spanking. Some women will even "cum" during a spanking. Of course, some of it is a straight physical effect. Writhing around clearly stimulates the clitoris, and the heat of a red bottom flows through the body. But there is also a strong mental aspect, as the mixture of pain and pleasure acts as a massive cerebral stimulant. It is the basis of masturbatory fantasies for weeks to come.

Hand spanking is the start of most games; Skin on skin is very powerful and very intimate. The experienced spanker always starts slowly and builds, in speed and intensity. A slowly warmed bottom increases the lady's pleasure in every way; the final crescendo will be that much more satisfying!

Self-evidently, in a first session where the two people are in the early stage of a relationship, it may be better to start with smacking over a dress or trousers, then move onto the panties and finally the bare as a natural progression.

In due course, in any relationship, the participants will move onto heavier toys. Of course, the sensations will be that much more intense, leading to higher levels of pleasure. The idea of bending over for six of the best with the cane can be a very exciting experience for a lady, perhaps also representing a way of assuaging guilt, driven into her by religious teachings. Watch her caress her stripes!

Anyone who thinks that spanking is a form of misogynism should ask those ladies who finally experience long awaited sexual pleasure after years of failure with straight sex! Make no mistake about the sexual power of adult spanking!