The Power of the Glowing Moon     

September 1996

Some thoughts on the Erotic aspects of Spanking and Caning

Six hundred years ago, Magdalena of Pazzi was a Carmelite Nun. Her fame, however, was due to her addiction to flagellation. From a very wealthy family in Florence, she was able to indulge her great passion in the convent. This was to have her hands tied behind her and demand that the Mother Superior and the other inmates flog her nude body.

She admitted to having lustful fantasies when she was flogged, then demanded that she be flogged again to cast out them out. Apparently she did not suspect that she was only fanning the flames of the passion that consumed her; at least is the official story.

Such a hidden agenda is not un-common in Britain as well. Why do so many young women love riding and dancing? The reason, virtually never stated, is that they are highly masturbatory. The movements of both cause a constant sexual sensation between their legs, which is addictive to many young women.

The anti-corporal punishment lobby is fully aware of the sexual connotations of spanking and caning but they never mention it. For instance, a century ago pressure to stop teenage boys being caned on the bare related directly to one factor. Often they developed an erection during a caning, and possibly even ejaculated. It was not uncommon for teenage boys and girls who were told in the morning that they going to be caned in the evening to be caught masturbating during the day.

Post-puberty girls - corporal punishment of pre-puberty boys or girls is unsavory - often develop masochistic tendencies from punishment on their bottoms. The clenching buttocks, the writhing hips, the reddened cheeks lead to strong sexual urges, which for a girl who has not become sexually active are enticing. In contrast, too often the first sexual experiences with a boy are bitterly disappointing, and no where near as satisfying as the post-caning masturbation. To the anti-corporal punishment lobby, seeped in British hypocrisy, this is all understood but never, ever mentioned.

Given this situation, it is not surprising that so many women, if they have the nerve, turn to this for their fulfillment. The random sample given on page nine, of women's profiles on the Internet, is proof of this. Hiding behind the anonymity of a computer screen, they can permit their true feelings to pour out.

A good "dom" can have three or four girls at the other end of the Internet lines masturbating away as he tells them, in graphic detail, how he is going to tie them up and spank them. Over a half hour period or more, the ladies will have at least three orgasms. Irritatingly, some of them cut off when they "cum" as they can no longer operate the computer.

With a good screen name and profile, the ladies will call up the doom most of the time. You sit back and wait for the calls. This is actually desirable as so many of the screen names which claim to be sub women are men. (In fact, even if a man does come on pretending to be a woman, it is soon apparent; they are so much cruder than women.)

So it is not even worth while resorting to literature to prove the eroticism of spanking. Modern CP literature is booming; one only has to look at those books written by ladies to see how erotic the subject is. Many of the lady authors openly admit that the one thing that slows them down more than anything else is continually having to stop to masturbate! A lady writing down her feelings as 'she' is being spanked will soon feel wet between her legs, and her hand reacts accordingly!

The power of spanking appears to be two fold; mental and physical. The mental aspects should not be forgotten. A good dom will give the lady plenty of notice of her spanking or caning. Say your girl-friend nags and is bitchy one evening. Tell her that she will be punished the next evening. She won't think of much else at work the next day. Like the teenager, she will probably disappear to the toilets during the afternoon, take her knickers down, and play with herself as she imagines what will happen to her that evening.

Important as well is that the punishment should be carried out; the lady will psyche herself up for it and if you do not carry it out she will experience a great anti-climax.

Token punishment is almost worse than doing nothing. Again the expectation is always of a thorough punishment, at least up to the level of erotic afternoon interlude.

Don't forget; a spanking becomes a treasured experience for a woman that she can masturbate over or relive during sex for several weeks. The sensations are carefully recorded in her memory, for replaying on many occasions. As they fade, she will often court another spanking or caning, to replace the worn-out memories.

Thus, the mental games form a cycle, from courting the spanking through to when the memories fade. To many ladies, those few minutes of pain are a necessary if unfortunate part of the cycle.

That brings us to the physical side. Clearly, masochism can have two motives; ecstasy or humiliation. We are not interested here with the latter as an end in itself. Furthermore, it tends to be predominantly a male masochism. Nevertheless, it is a factor in the total picture and some humiliation is a necessary part of the final achievement. What we are excluding is humiliation as an end in itself.

Another aspect of the physical side is the relationship between the participants. Many will be in a sexual relationship; other will not and will achieve the ultimate objective with their own partners at a later date. Clearly, this is a factor in how the physical relationship works.

When the allotted time comes for the punishment, clearly it has to be carried out. The lady may sigh with relief at the time if she gets away with it or just receives token slaps. But she won't respect you for it. The mental process has been worked through, and she is psyched for the spanking, or caning. If you don't carry it out, you WILL be deemed not man enough.

Spanking is clearly the most intimate of the CP relationships. The hand on the naked or lightly clad bottom is either a sex act or a sex act substitute. The girl is stimulated by the excitement, the adrenaline flowing. The humiliation of the position, the heat of her bottom, and most of all by the physical writhing. That is why, while it is important to hold her firmly so that she does not fall off (the end of a beautiful relationship?), it is important that she still can move.

Thus premature termination of the spanking will be an anti-climax. The experienced spankee will under go a change as the spanking continues. The early smacks may well be painful, especially until her bottom reddens. But rapidly the sensations change. Where she started complaining about the pain, she will eventually demand that the smacks are harder.

This is why starting reasonably gently and stepping up the pace, faster and harder, is important. The expert spanker develops this skill. Only the idiot ploughs in with maximum force from the beginning; a sure recipe for a slap in the face and the end of the relationship.

As the sexual stimulation develops, the lady's body motion changes. A rhythm develops between her bottom and your hand; her body stiffens as her sexuality rises; usually she goes quite as her mental condition is stimulated to concentrate on her pleasure.

If she attains orgasm, her legs stretch out and her body goes stiff; this is not the time to stop. It is the spanking that is orgasming her; stop spanking, no orgasm! However, it may be appropriate to ease off ; it is a judgment that needs to be made at the time.

Some ladies demand that you smack ever harder as the orgasm approaches. Others appreciate an easing as once launched into ecstasy, it become self-fulfilling and the stimulation is less important. No hard and fast rules unfortunately exist here.

Sometimes the spanker does not realise what has been achieved. Many a lady's orgasm is not obvious. Yet if she suddenly goes limp and cries, she probably has had a mild orgasm. Neither spanker or spankee may at the time recognise it for this.

Certainly, if you are in an intimate relationship with a girl, she needs to be hugged after the spanking. It is the same argument here as about after ordinary sex; turn away from the woman, and you have ruined it for her. In both cases, the girl wants to be cuddled, reassured.

Hold her firmly, kiss her, hug her, and rub her clitoris with your finger. You will find it dripping wet after every spanking. Perhaps finally, it is worth thinking about the sexual position to adopt.

Doggie-style is clearly the best. (Don't forget that this position is banned by the Roman Catholic church because it substantially enhances pleasure; it produces what is known as a cervical orgasm, as opposed to clitoral.) If the lady has her face on the cool sheet, her bottom high in the air and you take her in this position, the slapping of the warm red bottom against your thighs represents, at least symbolically, a continuation of the spanking.

We now come to the issue of the cane. To many ladies this is the ultimate CP pleasure, but do not forget this is a developed pleasure. No woman becomes instantly turned on by the cane.

Common sense says that it takes some time to build up the mental capacity, and tougher bottom, to handle it, and achieve the full pleasure. Some woman never will and rather stay with leather straps, and the like.

Having said that, the cane can take a woman to levels of sensual pleasure just not achievable by other means.

Many of the things that we said about spanking apply to the cane in an enhanced form, the mental cycle in particular. While it is desirable to give a lady good notice of a spanking, it is essential in the case of a caning.

The prospect of a caning later in the day will dominate a woman's thought process for that day. Whether it is the glamorous sixth-former or the wife/girl-friend, visions of how she is going to be caned will flood into her mind all the time. She will be constantly wet between their legs, her bottom will tingle, and she will rub it constantly, imagining how it will feel with angry red stripes across it. Almost certainly she will masturbate, possibly more than once.

Once an experienced canee, she will be prepared for a solemn ritual associated with the caning. On arrival, she will expect to be talked to firmly, scolded, watch the cane tremble, made to undress to order. The formality of the occasion will add to the excitement, fear, keeping the adrenaline rushing.

Positioning is important. The best position is with her weight on her knees and elbows, to stop excess movement. The best way to achieve this is with two chairs back to back, and her body draped between them. In this position, her bottom is high in the air, an excellent target for the canesman.

Symbolically, it is important that she is not tied down. The caning is an act of voluntary submission. Any idiot can tie a person down and beat them. What we are looking for is the symbolism of the relationship. The man's authority is such that the woman submits, making her bottom available for thorough punishment.

Whether the lady is naked or partly clothed is a matter of personal choice. It can very rewarding to make her strip slowly prior to the punishment, each item of clothing removed to order; adds a nice touch of humiliation. Whatever it is essential that clothing is adjusted well away from the bottom before the caning commences, probably bare from her mid-rift to her knees.

Once in position, a woman virtually cannot hide the area between her legs, so adding to the humiliation and of course the symbolism of her humiliation. Many men are amazed how obviously damp a woman is in this position. All those comments about glorious pearls of moisture in CP novels attest to this.

How many strokes will depend on the lady, and her level of experience. This should be agreed in advance or at least told to her before she bends over. Generally, once she is passed the learning stage, her level of experience should be reflected in the number of strokes, rather than the strength.

A lady won't, in the longer term, thank you for a few or even a hundred light taps; they are of little use in her mastubatory fantasies. A sixer in the early stages might be replaced by a dozen as she develops. What is absolutely essential however is accuracy, or the relationship will be extremely short.

Catch her around the side, on the small of her back, or on the top of her legs, and she'll never bend over for you again. The cane is applied to the bottom and you will have trouble if you hit anywhere else.

Two tips; first, position the cane on her bottom, then take a step towards the lady's head, to stop the cane wrapping round. Second, the action should be a flick rather than swipe; more powerful and effective. (Imagine that you are playing squash.)

With regard to the cane, lighter canes are often better. Maximum sting, minimum damage! Only very experienced ladies should take heavier canes.

A warming session with the hand is often wise. A nicely warmed, red bottom takes the cane much better than a cold white, bottom; anyway it can be a highly pleasurable experience.

So we are ready to go. Apply the light whippy cane to the shapely red bottom with vigour. There is no hurry; take your time, let her bottom dance, let the angry red stripe appear. Let her savour the moment. Don't hesitate to run your fingers over the cheeks, feeling the tram lines.

Once she has settled apply the next stroke, ideally a bit harder. Let her bottom bounce, writhe, stimulate her between her legs. Let her juices flow, let her sexuality rise, hopefully on each stroke that much higher, striving for that orgasm. Sometimes she will come openly; often she will have a partial orgasm not fully aware of what has happened.


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