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   National Lampoon
   September 1975.
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The following are a selection of short stories about young ladies having their bottoms spanked or caned. They are all designed to be read in ten minutes or under, ideal for reading in bed before you go to sleep! If you have any stories you would like to contribute, don't hesitate to send them in. The recipient must be a woman over eighteen years. The "dom" can be male or female.

They should be no longer than 10,000 words.

True story: A young woman and her grandfather were studying the photos of her grandfather's 1948 wedding. Looking at a formal, posed photo of the couple, she asked why her grandfather was seated and her grandmother was standing. His reply was " I was too tired to stand and she was to sore to sit."

Amanda The price that an ex-girl friend has to pay for a loan is a red hot bottom.

Destination: Punishment Room   A poem that gets some young ladies into serious trouble.

The Power of the Glowing Moon Some thoughts on the Erotic aspects of Spanking.

The Squash Court  A wager is settled on the squash court.

Terms of Reference  A secretary joins a PR company with a different approach to discipline.

Uncle Yellow Uncle Yellow is the German nick name for a cane.

Inscrutiable A story about a Chinese Sixth former at a British Public School.

Forgetful Faye Sixth former in trouble for truancy.

Forgetful Faye goes Riding Young rider ruins the farmers vegetables!

Joys of Motoring Female driver gets more than she bargained for.

Rough  Novel encouragement to pass the driving test.

Bottom of the Class   Strict discipline at a lady's spy school.

Ladies in Waiting  Whipped bottoms in the harem.

Calling Time  Airline pilot disciplines his air hostess girl friend.

About Time Too  Estranged wife gets spanked and decides to come home.

Driving Ambition   Female driving students invites her instructor to smack her bottom.

Law Man  Firm of lawyers has an innovative way of winning in court.

Suffrage Young suffragette upsets her boss by her women's rights activities.

Arias  A voice trainer uses new and original techniques to improve a diva's performance.

Tight Security  A store security man believes in direct action against shoplifters.

Officer of the Watch  A female officer's bottom suffers due to her smuggling activities.

A Hand on the Land  Wartime discipline for unruly town girls in the country.