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Sarah Veitch and the female spanking authors.
A real post card!

Above, a postcard sent by a young lady to a friend.
Books about spanking, written by women, are predominantly written for other women! The fair sex wants to understand the subject and feel that a female author is offering a more accurate perspective. Likewise, a male reader tends to prefer a female author because the sense of action is more genuine. Of the female authors, Sarah Veitch (a pseudonym) stands head and shoulders above all the others.
As far as we can tell,  Sarah had over a dozen books published. They are widely available on leading book sites, including one on Penquin. The quality of her writing, in both feel and style, is superb and you can see why she was widely published. Of course, she was not the only female spanking author and a browse through the Amazon website will turn up many more.
I never met Sarah, but I spoke to her on the phone several times. Originally she rang up to ask me to do a review of one her early books, Subculture. I was happy to oblige and soon realised what an excellent author she was. She lived in Scotland and her Scottish lilt was a delight to listen to. I asked her if she ever came to London. It was then that her sad secret came out. She had advanced MS, and was confined to a wheel chair. To keep her mind active, she had started to write books about her secret fantasy. All her books had been written from the wheel chair!

Some other female spanking authors' covers are shown below. Some authors doubled as spanking models. Niki Flynn made several videos with her husband. (See her in action HERE)

The Anna Skye book is, however, more interesting as it describes how a spankee can enter the professional or, perhaps, semi-professional spanking scene. Any lady wishing to make money from her red hot bottom should read it. The website that she mentions but does not name is Click HERE for the Amazon entry.

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