The History of Spanking


The picture above is from an Etruscan site and is probably over 2,500 years old. Thus erotic spanking and whipping has a very long history. Click on the picture for full size.

Thomas Trusser:  Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry.
Published AD1570

 Let Hollie wand threate
 Let fisgig be beate
 A wand in thy hand, though ye
 fight not at all makes youth to
 their businesse better to fall.
 For feare of foole had I wist
 cause thee to waile,
 let fisgig be taught to shut door
 after taile.
Glossary: fizgig. n. frivolous or coquettish girl, also a pretty young maid.


Trusser was sent to Eton at about the age of nineteen to study under the fearsome headmaster, Nicholas Udall. To Trusser this was a descent into hell as he found learning Latin phrases impossible. Thus at nineteen, he received fifty three strokes for his apparent boneheadedness from the headmaster.

 From Paules I went, to Eaton sent
 To learn streight waies, the latin phraies
 Where fiftie three stripes given to mee, at once I had:
 For fault by small, or none at all,
 It came to pas, thus beat I was,
 See Udall see, the mercie of thee to me, the poor lad.


Thomas Trusser's book was a famous reference book  for farming until a century or so. His beating at Eton clearly stuck in his mind and allusions to spanking pretty young woman are scattered through the book, perhaps as a result of his Eton experience. The most upfront reference is his recommendation for dealing with the fizgig.


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In the two thousand years between the Etruscan picture and story below, it is the wife, more frequently than anyone else, who has felt a heavy hand landing on her bottom. A quick search of the internet produced the pictures on the above . They show a typical range of situations where wives have had their bottoms well reddened. All set in the twentieth century, the question is of course to what extent they enjoyed the experience. A famous Danish feminist in the 1970s once said of her spanking predilection, "I love the build up to the spanking, I love the feeling afterwards, shame about the few minutes in the middle." That probably sums it all up.

In February 2008, the British Times published a letter from a husband surprised that his wife demanded to be spanked for her pleasure, not his, and became sexually excited as a result. Click on the drawing above for the complete letter and subsequent correspondence. Erotic spanking is alive and well in 2008. 

More information on the history of spanking is available within the overview section, All About Spanking.